Welcome to Renata Chubb Design Communications. 


I am Renata Chubb, a professionally trained Graphic Designer, an evolving artist, and art instructor. I have always been fascinated by visual communication. As a young designer 

I did seek out and learn from some of the best boutique design firms in Toronto. 


Since then I have worked on, and designed everything from toy packaging to annual reports, artists websites to educational manuals, wedding invitations to airport signage. My clients have come from government, large corporations, independent business owners, as well as aspiring business owners. Clients I have worked with have included Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Falconbridge, Nortel, TD, veterinarians, osteopaths, fashion designers, landscapers, realtors, restaurants, artists, energy healers, and the list goes on.

I have had a wide range of wonderful clients.


Blending over 20 years of graphic design experience with my skills as an instructor, along with my own creative process. I listen. I strive to hear and understand the client, the product, the company - What does your company really stand for? Why should people choose your product? Your service? Who are you ultimately talking to? What do you want to say?


This site provides a sampling of my projects.


I have always enjoyed using my skills to give back in various ways. For several years now I have continued to contribute to the Lighthouse for Grieving Children, in Oakville. Furmont Chrismouse has contributed to 5 local charities included Halton Food for Thought & Mighty Mateo. If you have a passion project we can talk!


Renata Chubb had no idea. This project of mine, first tossed around like the delicious salad we ate over lunch last summer at a Toronto bistro, was supposed to be done, as in Here’s my complete draft and photos and go ahead, please. Design away.

Scratch that. I had no idea. Renata has worked on several projects with others in the creative arts and surely this experience would be like those, a little give and take here, there, and no, that’s not the right colour, and start again.

CAN WE ALL GIVE A CHEER NOW FOR EXPERIENCE??? (It didn’t work for Hillary but it did for me).

Extraction. The real Renata skill. What tumbled out from the hidden recesses onto her design board was a vision she had to interpret without any sort of sensible dictionary from me. We tweaked and turned it around and around. It was done but then it wasn’t. I changed it. Changed it again. Then it was done. Then it wasn’t. Knowing what you want isn’t the same thing as showing what you want. Throughout was this from Renata: Don’t worry, Anne. This is how it works - this here... It’s just the creative process.

Renata lives in Oakville, Ontario. We worked mostly by phone, email, and Dropbox. How she did it is anyone’s guess, juggling two daughters, volunteer work on parent councils, and demanding clients like me who want the work done yesterday. Never once a complaint, cross word, or cuss at this circus of a life she took on when she agreed to design my book. Next week I get to toast her at a Toronto bistro once again but for now, I give up the space to a lovely and talented pro who lent me gentle guidance, keen insight, and gorgeous design chops.

Anne Langford:

Toronto writer, self publishing author, blogger, and baker extrordinare.